Terms of Service

Billing and Customer Support
Most customer support issues are best handled via ticket, such as login or site navigation assistance. The exception is canceling rebilling which is something you can and should do for yourself at any time you desire, via Zombaio, CCBill, or Epoch which are the designated E-ticket supplier and access management provider for BlueBlood.com. If there is a payment method you would like to use that RazorCandi.com does not accept yet, please send us your suggestion. RazorCandi.com tries to make it as easy as possible for you and accepts credit cards, checkcards, Discover, UK Switch and Solo, French Carte Bleue, Dancard, Norwegian Bank Axept, JCB, Korean Debit Card, online checks, online saving account debit, and phone billing.

Please don't steal stuff. That includes not sharing your password with others. It is mean and it makes it harder for artists to create more work, so it is good to support artists whose work you enjoy. As it is difficult to determine precise damages caused by any copyright violation, it is agreed that, at site owner's option, per image statutory damages may apply to any copyright violation caused by user, whether or not registration of each image as an individual work has occurred.

Want to make T-shirts or a RazorCandi action figure? Please contact us with details of your pitch and what you are offering and request that your information be forwarded to the person who handles business partnerships.

Product Placement
If you would like Razor Candi to wear your clothes or use your toys and equipment in shoots, this just might be possible. Please contact us with info on what you have on offer. Legit companies which make products Razor Candi is interested in, will be provided with shipping information. All such items shall be assumed to be non-returnable, unless the SASE equivalent for the specific items has been included and other terms have been agreed to in writing beforehand. No specific placement is guaranteed unless previously agreed to in writing.

Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy. When you click on the payment link, you will be redirected to a secure server which is used exclusively for billing and nothing else. We have selected billing providers who use the latest security systems from the major banking institutions to have the best possible security to keep your financial information always safe. Normal reasonable efforts are also always taken to keep non-financial data secure, including but not limited to password protection and firewalls. Your financial information such as credit card or bank numbers will never be transferred, although other customer data may be a transferred asset, such as in the case where a site is purchased and members are given multi-site access. We may occasionally contact you for customer service or site news such as events or sales or information on items of related interest, unless you request that we not send you news. If you decide you would like to stop receiving news or know you will not wish to receive it, please email a response to your subscription receipt indicating your preference or click the unsubscribe link in any news email.

Legal Venue
You affirm that the legal venue for any issue pertaining to this site shall be Los Angeles, California in the USA.

All models were of legal age at the time of shooting. Proof of age showing models were 18 years of age or older and proof of copyright is on file. If you are interested in modeling with or shooting Razor Candi for this site, please get in touch.

Community Standards
By entering this site, you affirm that you are aware of the laws and community standards of the place you reside and you affirm that in visiting our site you are not violating any of the laws or community standards of the place you reside. In most places, this means you must be over age eighteen, but it may be twenty-one depending on location. You understand that you are not to allow anything you view on this site to be seen by anyone who is not the appropriate age or who is located in any place where the community standards would not permit viewing and you take full personal responsibility for any violation of this.

If you still have any questions before getting your Razor Candi membership or need any assistance after joining, please always feel free to get in touch and we'll do our best to help.