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Genuine deathrock beauty Razor Candi is down-to-earth and humble about her success and grateful for the appreciation she gets for her work. Razor Candi likes to question authority and enjoys the darkside, giving props to her horror and music icon inspirations.

Your look is so varied, yet always so striking and distinctive. How did you start developing your individual style and how did you get into modeling? What inspires your look today?

It's hard to say exactly when and what inspired my individual style, I just remember being a very creative and visual child so naturally I was drawn to visual artists and things alike. When I first started experimenting with styling I never went by any text book code, I always felt my boundaries with styling were limitless and so I never held back. Of course when I look back on certain photos I get that 'what was I thinking!?' feeling but at the same time I feel that I wouldn't have the experience that I have now if I hadn't practiced with it then.

Around 1999 I discovered my passion for modeling mainly because I liked the idea of having photos that I could look back on when I'm older. At this point I was only shooting with my twin sister [Eden Prosper] and close friends. In 2003 I started taking it more serious when I noticed I was receiving such great feedback and that's when I started building a portfolio with professional photographers. When I first started my main focus wasn't to become anyone, it was simply a leisure pursuit and a way to express myself so it did come as a bit of a shock when my name started showing up all over the net and magazines were contacting me for features and interviews. I only grasped how far I had made it with modeling when I travelled to other States in the US and even outside of the US and people knew who I was.

Today I think my style shows influences from the deathrock, fetish and punk subcultures. It is somewhat of a curious mix but I feel it's very reminiscent of the 80's punk fashion which was actually heavily influenced by fetish fashion. A lot of people involved in the crust and punk movement may hate what I do because my styling has a lot of fashion statements involved and focuses on aesthetics such as overly dramatic make up, high heels, corsetry and other items meant to enhance the female form but at the same time they would be missing the statement I make by overlooking the fact that what I do is still very far from the standard of female beauty and even further from being accepted by society. Aside from that I like to represent the subcultures that interest me so logically there will be a mix of styles, even if some of them don't make sense or clash with text book ideals. The truth of the matter is, for me, I am being myself and I don't follow any rules with styling within anyway genera, I simply just do what I want.

What are some of your favorite fashions and fetish materials?

Some of my favorite fashions and fetish materials are:

Wigs, extensions, hoods, false lashes, bandanas, posture collars, chokers, studs, spikes, latex, PVC, corsets, bullet belts, bondage belts, fishnet, nylons, booty/boy shorts, leggings, high heels, thong panties, gloves, whips, chains, nipple clamps, ball gags

What types of sexy clothing do you like best on yourself?

My favorite sexy clothing is push up bras, panties, skin tight leggings, and heels or platform boots, those are the essentials!

What types of looks do you like best on other people? What attributes in general turn you on the most in other people?

The types of looks I like on other people ­ this generally covers both male and female :

Charged hair or mohawks even better when there they have dreads in the back, tall, thin, body mods, studded jackets, skin tight pants, patches, band t-shirts, shit kicker boots, bullet belts and a bit of scuzz ;) Truth is though I've seen a lot of styles that look great as long as it's done well.

When it comes to attributes I really only look for a few things ­ honestly and humor, the person has to be able to laugh at dumb things and not take things too serious! I also find confidence along with being informed and educated to be great qualities, it's hard to carry a conversation and laugh about things if the person doesn't have knowledge about much. Lastly respect, even though most people within the alternative culture are cynical misanthropes, I know I am, I still respect others and their property and I expect others to do the same.

What motivated you to get your first unusual hairstyle? What colors has your hair been?

For as far back as I can remember I had always wanted something that would define me better in a crowd of people which was for me the best motivation toward getting an unusual hair style because hair is generally a very distinct characteristic of someone. Of course judging by other features that I do to my body I didn't stop at changing just my hair ;)

My hair has been pretty much every color of the rainbow and all the colors in between and outside haha, I think the only shades I haven't done are florescent highlighter shades. I've had Green, Turquoise, Fire Engine Red, Magenta, Baby Pink, Deep Orange, Purple, Midnight Blue, Baby Blue, White, Blonde, Black, and even at times settled with just my natural auburn shade... right now my hair is a silvery grey shade.

You are artistic, not only in what you look like, but you are also a painter. How did you get into that artistic side of what you do? What inspires you to paint? What are your favorite painting subjects?

I used to draw a lot with my sisters when I was a young child. We were all very creative children who would thirst for adventure and look for any way to escape from the boring reality around us so we would do this by drawing characters and then bring them to life by dressing up and acting. I'm sure this is pretty typical childhood behavior but it's something I brought with me as I grew up. Art has always been an escape for me but also became a way to express myself.

I'm often inspired by music and movies so my favorite subjects to paint are portraits of people who have somehow influenced me unless of course I get a commission request, and then the buyer chooses what he'd like. Over all though I prefer painting portraits especially if the person has interesting features.

What inspired you to get your first tattoo? Any special meaning behind your current ink? Do you have plans for future body mods? If so, what?

I always thought tattoos and piercings were cool even as a young child. I always wanted to date rockers with ear piercings or nostril piercings since those were really popular in the 80's early 90's. I got into my first long term relationship at 18 and we dated for about 5 years. During this time I really wanted tattoos but I was always under fear of my partner leaving me because he deemed tattooed women as 'dirty whores'. In May of 2006 when I finally got the strength to leave I was free to celebrate my independence and I did this by getting my very first tattoo which are the bats around my belly button! It seemed logical for me that bats would be the perfect subject because of my passion for the gothic subculture but also because for me flying bats symbolize freedom.

Only a couple of my tattoos have special meaning. I have Rudimentary Peni lyrics from the song 'No More Pain' around my left ankle. I got this to commemorate a friend of mine who died in a car wreck in 2009. Other than that for me the most captivating part of a tattoo is the art which explains why my tattoos that have little meaning are a bit more artistically done because it focuses more on the art. Body modification has always been something unique for me. Since I am a very creative and visual person having art permanently on my skin is the biggest compliment I can give to my body. I enjoy the feeling of being a walking art gallery as I think art shouldn't only be confined to walls inside a room it should be shared! There is also something stimulating and spiritual about the pain and commitment while receiving a tattoo, it's a statement to art and a testament toward the rights we have over our own body. Tattoos have helped me to love my body, the memories and meanings make me feel more at peace with myself and I love knowing I am surrounded by art, literally!

I plan to finish my sleeves and move over to a chest and neck piece. I am sure eventually my entire body will be covered, someday, but the upper body is my main focus for now. I've been really transfixed lately with more permanent body mods like the black sclara stains, horn implants, split tongue, and some breast implants and maybe even stain my teeth black... something about looking like a demon succubus just tickles my fancy ;) Currently I am in the process of stretching my labret.

--Razor Candi
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