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What is a typical day like for you? What do you like to do? Where do you go? What are your favorite foods? Hobbies?

Like most people I need my coffee in the morning so as soon as I wake up I get ready to go to my favorite Viennese café in the old medieval part of town. After that I return home and prepare for my daily jog in the park that's next to my apartment building.

I'm not much of a social butterfly so I've found hobbies like painting that I often enjoy. I also watch a bizarre amount of documentaries on pretty much anything. I just have an intense passion for learning and raising awareness.

When I do go out I relish tea shops and quaint café's quite a bit however you will also find me at shows when they are in town, museums when I am on vacation, and scarcely festivals or conventions. I avoid shopping malls like the plague and loath every second being in one when I am forced to go for something I need around the house.

Cooking has also become a strong passion of mine. I actually used to hate cooking and avoided it whenever possible. It seemed like anything I touched I'd screw up either by over cooking/burning it, under cooking it, overuse of ingredients and even dropping, knocking things over or dumping things by accident. To add to my clumsiness in the kitchen I also dreaded the thought of using knives and didn't even know how to hold one properly. All of that changed when I chose a Vegan diet in December 2010. I was forced to cook most of my own food because already prepared vegan food was not an option unless I wanted to live on french fries, chips and other horrible snacks. After gaining a lot more practice in the kitchen I learned that I actually love cooking! My favorite foods are tofu and potatoes because they can be made in so many various ways, they are practically a staple food in my diet, of course I also love rice or pasta with veggies, soups, avocados are amazing and versatile, I still make sushi vegetable rolls and a lot of Asian dishes. You'd be surprised the stuff that can be made vegan. Truth is I will eat anything as long as it's not meat or an animal by-product, I am really not a picky eater.

As for hobbies painting is probably my most practiced one but I also love playing badminton, jogging and fitness, fashion modeling or modeling for art projects, watching documentaries, reading and travelling.

What is your favorite color?

I know this is going to sound sooo cliché but black is my favorite 'color' or shade. It looks good by itself and it looks good with other colors. I like that it can look elegant or it can look macabre. I try wearing other colors but anytime I'm looking at clothing I am instantly drawn to the black clothing. I also think it looks really nice in homes, curtains, rugs, kitchenware, chairs, sofas... black just looks nice.

What would be your ideal pet?

I think my favorite pet would have to be a voluntary human (slave). I think that humans have evolved to the point where they can choose to be dominated to achieve true happiness and I am more than ready to satisfy them especially because I am a firm believer in animal rights and even though many animals are completely dependent on humans for their existence I will always find it immoral for people to breed, sell, buy and keep pets purely for entertainment/companionship. Why keep a dog or a cat and risk mistreating it and in their innocence they will never understand when you can just mistreat a human and they will love you for it.

What do you find romantic?

I find that romance is hidden in details. If my partner pays attention to the small things that matter I find that to be very romantic. Being made to feel like a proper lady or gagged tied down and ravaged sexually at the right time is actually very romantic because I know that my partner pays attention to my needs. Of course any girl enjoys being taken out to dinner, given flowers and taken for a moon lit walk but I'm not that pretentious. Romance is hidden in attention.

So, you, for real, live in Transylvania, like a proper vampire. Where have you traveled to and lived and where would you most like to travel? What cities do you enjoy the most and why?

At this point I've probably travelled to more places in Europe than I have in America. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and due to having a father who was a lieutenant commander in the Coast Guard I had the opportunity to move around. I've lived in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Florida. I travelled mostly up and down the East Coast and also to New Orleans but most of central and west America is totally new territory to me. Before my move to Romania I visited Budapest, Hungary which was my first time ever overseas and was a very magical experience. During my stay there I was lucky enough to travel to Vienna, Austria too. I enjoyed Europe so much that I flew back a few months later to visit Romania. In 2008 I decided to just move and permanently live in Transilvania. My favorites cities here are Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca for the night life and Sighisoara and Bran for the sightseeing. I've had the opportunity to travel through Bulgaria and have also visited Germany on a few occasions mostly Cologne and Berlin. My all-time favorite city though has to be Prague in the Czech Republic, an absolutely breath taking city!

I'd love to one day travel the entire world and experience all kinds of different cities and cultures but that would take a lot of money and planning so if I could choose the first place would be Russia. I've always been really fascinated with the architecture in Moscow and the punk scene there. I'd also love to visit Central and South America! I'm really amazed by their music scene as well as their involvement in the punk and alternative scene, it seems like the biggest in the world so I think I'd have a really nice time in places like Mexico or Brazil. I also have a dying passion to visit Japan because for one I love Japanese cuisine, though it may be hard as a vegan since their staple food is seafood but I'd find a way to manage. I also think their alternative subculture seems really up to date and actually ahead of their time so I'm sure I'd be in awe of all the exotic foods and fashions. New Zealand and Australia without a doubt are probably pretty amazing and I am fairly sure anyone who isn't from there already probably wants to visit their mystical landscapes and beautiful beachy regions. Of course the UK is on my long list not only for the awesome English Ale but the architecture and history. Last but not least I'd love to see Egypt and India both for their exotic customs, delicious cuisines and intricate vibrant architectures.

--Razor Candi
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